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About the Pocono Center for the Arts

The Pocono region is in need of a center where theater groups can rehearse and perform, artists have more locations to exhibit their works, art educators can teach in classes with proper supplies and facilities, other non-profit art organizations can be housed, and the community and tourists can be entertained and experience the works of local and national artists.

Founders Skip Scheetz and Richard Spezzano have had extensive experience in the Arts. They are committed and determined to build the Pocono Center for the Arts and hope that you will join them in this important and exciting endeavor.

The Plan

Proposal Summary

Create a Destination Center in the Poconos for the Visual and Performing Arts that Inspires, Educates and Enlivens the Human Spirit and provides a place for other Arts related entities to thrive.

Business Description & Goal

  • Establish a building consisting of classrooms, galleries and theater space, gift shop and restaurant.
  • Give local and international artists in all disciplines a space to learn and exhibit/perform their craft.
  • Give Arts educators a space and the tools to teach.
  • Increase local tourism by bringing performances and exhibits to the public.
  • Assist other Arts related organizations in fulfilling their needs for space and equipment.


To become regionally and nationally recognized as a diverse, innovative collaboration of visual and performing arts, education, community engagement, and personal enrichment.

Target Audience

Users of the center will be mostly students and adults looking to learn or enhance their artistic talents.

Revenue Model

Service Income:

  • Class fees
  • Art Printing Services
  • Digital Services
  • Gift Shop
  • Sale of Art
  • Restaurant
  • Pocono Games
  • Theater Tickets

Rental Income

  • Corporate meeting rooms
  • TV Studio
  • Office Space
  • Recording Studio
  • Photography Studio
  • Classroom Space
  • Rehearsal Halls
  • Theater
  • Resident Apartments

Other Income

  • Members
  • Grants
  • Donors
  • Sponsors

Classrooms and Classes

Rooms will house equipment for the Arts disciplines. Classrooms are flexible allowing more than ten disciplines unless otherwise noted as “dedicated classroom”.

  • Painting: Oils, acrylics, watercolor etc. Room is flexible for other types of classes
  • Music: Classroom with musical instruments. Music students can later record in Audio studio (See below).
  • Fiber Class: Learn sewing, knitting and all aspects of fiber.
  • Digital: Computer equipment for classes in digital art, advertising, web design, game creation and video editing (Video editing students can eventually create and broadcast TV commercials, short films etc in out TV studio or theater.
  • Audio & TV studio: Consists of Video and Audio equipment, Green screen and stage. Media classes, audio editing and production. Dedicated classroom.
  • Rehearsal hall: Great for Dance, Martial Arts, Poetry etc.
  • Pottery & Ceramics: Consists of Pottery wheels kilns, clay etc. Dedicated classroom.
  • Maker Space: Great for wood working, metal works, 3d modeling etc.
  • Culinary Classroom: Next to the restaurant with kitchen equipment. Dedicated classroom.


Sound Stage Initiative

The sound stage initiative has taken a lot of planning before we could announce it. Now is the time and it is a big game changer! Here’s why…. For years Pennsylvania has wanted to bring the film and recording industry into our state and have set up tax initiatives accomplish it. We plan on taking advantage of these tax credits by building a state of the art sound stage. Having a sound stage in the Poconos has huge benefits to producers. They not only can film inside the studio, but also on location taking advantage of our the natural resources in the Poconos such as the mountains, woods and towns.  This studio will rival those in New York and Hollywood.

Main Stage

1200 - 1500 seat Theatre with sprung floor, fly loft, full lighting grid, house and backstage speakers, projection capabilities and scrim, wing space, green room, orchestra pit and dressing rooms, hair and wig room, light and sound booth. Legs and Main drapes Wireless communication system. Loading dock. Production and theatre management offices and conference rooms. Onsite rehearsal/audition space. Lobby with box office and reception space. Used for concerts, dance programs, traditional musicals and plays.

Black Box Experimental Space

150 - 300 seats with flexible seating for educational theatre, theatre for young audiences, developmental readings, emerging artists initiatives, cabaret and experimental dance. Light and sound booth with catwalk. Box office. Dressing rooms.

Creative Support Facilities

  • Scene Shop
  • Lighting Inventory/Electrics
  • Paint shop
  • Scenery Storage
  • Wardrobe construction
  • Wardrobe storage
  • Dance studios
  • Voice studios
  • Performer and Artistic Staff Housing


Main Gallery aprox 1452 Sq Ft for larger local and international shows. A dividing wall can convert the space into two smaller galleries.

Pop Up Gallery: Small gallery that allows us and other organizations to put up a short term exhibit.

Studio Space

Small rooms for artists can use to create their art. Space can be rented by the ½ day, day, week or month.

Office Space

To support our staff and other arts organizations who cannot afford a full time office.

Conference Room(s)

A space for meetings and for use by other organizations.

Artist Residences

Shared living space for outside artists. A low rent space for out of state/country artists to live for a season. These artists will help bring new influences to the Poconos and as part of their residency, they will agree to help staff the center and donate some pieces to the center.

Gift Shop

A small gift shop will sell the creations of the artists.


Located next to the culinary classroom and serving some of dishes the students created.


Some storage rooms will be needed for paperwork, forms, art collection, stockroom (for giftshop) etc.


The Experience

Ray "Skip" Scheetz


Pocono Center for the Arts


  • Founder, Pocono Community Theater
  • Founder, Rainbow Youth

Current Active Board affiliations:

  • VP, PALS Pocono Action Lambda Society
  • President Emeritus, F.A.C.T. Fighting AIDS Continuously Together

Richard Spezzano


Pocono Center for the Arts


  • President, Pocono Arts Council
  • Director, Artspace Gallery
  • President/Co-Owner, Rainbow Mountain Resort
  • VP/ Co-Owner, GreenLeaf Productions
  • Owner, Spezmedia Web & Graphic Design
  • Art Director & Fashion Designer, Proplayer

Stephen DeAngelis


Artistic Director


  • Produced almost 300 different Broadway concerts
  • Producing Artistic Director and Host of "At This Performance"
  • Cast over 3600 network television and radio commercials
  • First Producing Artistic Director of the Shawnee Playhouse
  • Click here for more info about Stephen.