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Sept 16th Cabaret at the Deer Head 

Sept 16 2024 7pm Cabaret Deer Head.

Nov 24th Show of Shows at the Stroudsmoor

Nov 24 Show of Shows at Stroudsmoor

We are offering you a rare opportunity to own this signed and framed limited edition print by Andrei Protsouk. Price: $450. If you are interested in purchasing this beautiful piece of art that was created exclusively for Pocono Center for the Arts please email

Andrei Protsouk is not just an artist, he is a visionary. Born in Ukraine and trained in Russia, he has mastered the art of oil painting, etching, and printmaking, and developed a unique style that blends classical realism with modern influences. His paintings are vibrant expressions of love, music, and culture, featuring passionate couples, lively musicians, and colorful scenes. His lines are bold and confident, his shapes are intricate and harmonious, and his textures are rich and varied. He invites you to enter his world of beauty and joy, where every brushstroke tells a story. He is also a leader and a patron of the arts. Since 1994, he has been living and working in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, where he opened Andrei Art Gallery, his own studio and gallery that showcases his amazing artworks. He also travels the world, exploring different cultures and exhibiting his paintings in prestigious galleries and museums. He works in partnership with his son 

Dennis Protsouk, who is also an accomplished artist, to share their art internationally and bring arts & culture to the Pocono area. They have been great supporters of the Pocono Center of the Arts, offering their expertise and consultation to the center in the field of visual arts. They aim to strengthen their relationship with the organization and help it become a staple of the art community in the Poconos

.Andrei Protsouk is an artist you don’t want to miss. His paintings are stunning, original, and captivating. They will inspire you, move you, and delight you. Visit to learn more about Andrei Art Gallery and their fine art.

We recently finalized a sale agreement for the structure that will house our art center on Main Street Stroudsburg. Click the button to review plans. 

Our Summer 2023 report is out showing how we are working to complete the regions 2030 plan. Click the button to read the report.

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